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What We Do


According to the latest official figures, UK employee turnover reached 4.3 million in 2015, and it is on the rise. Turnover rates are predicted to rise from 14.6% to 18% over the next 5 years. The need to make better selection decisions is more important than ever.


With the use of validated psychometrics (aptitude testing and personality) and by improving the quality of your interviewing, you can make better selection decisions and find the right fit for your business.


Our Vision


Our vision is an enduring framework, guiding us towards achieving the best possible results for our clients. Our goal is to bring our clients the best tools and services available, based on decades of research and practice.


Evidence Based


We believe that businesses deserve the best service available. We believe that the services we provide should be chosen based on quality, not marketability. We are certain that evidence based practices, not the most recent fads, are best for businesses.




We believe equality and fairness of process are vital. Treating every person with respect is of the utmost importance to us. We know that working with people of different cultures, backgrounds, and thinking styles helps organisations to grow and thrive.




We promise to consistently provide candid advice, ensuring our clients get the most out of their money. We won’t settle for any less than excellence in all aspects of our work.


Value and Personalisation


We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive a diligent and effective service. We go to great lengths to meet the needs of the businesses we work with. We recognise every business is unique and are mindful of this in our services.