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Personality Assessment

Personality testing is a fantastic tool for discovering whether a candidate will fit in with the culture and ethos of your organisation. Almost every organisation will have hired a candidate who proved to be good at their job but a poor fit for the organisation. Our personality testing ensures that you gain true insight into who your candidates really are, and their personalities can be compared with high-performing individuals who perform the same role within other organisations.

Our method of testing can be tailored to every business and every job role, in order to ensure maximum job relevance. We are hand-selected partners of CEB, which allows us to utilise what we believe to be the best personality measure currently available – the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ). This measure provides an insight into an individual’s preferred ways of thinking, feeling and behaving at work. Compared to other personality assessments, it has shown proven relationships with future job performance and contains an in-built consistency measure in order to detect deception!  


What can Personality Testing do for your business?

Predict job performance: Certain personality traits have shown reliable prediction of job performance. By selecting the personality traits that are essential for strong performance within a position, we can measure how well candidates match your ‘ideal’ candidate.

Predict training success: Personality has also been linked to training success. Assessment can help identify those individuals who will apply training to their job more successfully than others.

Reduce staff turnover: Unsurprisingly, identifying individuals who will fit in well at the organisation is associated with decreased turnover and higher organisational commitment.

Increase staff motivation: Research has indicated that personality measures can help to predict which individuals will be more motivated to perform at work. 

How it works:

Our team of experts will help you identify the essential competencies for success within a particular job role, using the latest research in personality measurement. These competencies can then be assessed within the OPQ.  

Assessments can be carried out online or in-house, with the former providing the more cost-effective option. The following represents the standard procedure for online assessment.

Indicate how many tests you need and the preferred dates of sending and completion. Then send us the candidates’ email addresses.

Email links are sent to candidates.

Candidates complete the assessment within the specified timeframe. They can do this at their convenience.

Employee Development: Personality Assessment can also act as a fantastic tool for personal development of existing staff. Areas for development can be highlighted and this can support career guidance.

Our expert team analyses the results and produces bespoke reports for each candidate, alongside an overall report for the recruiter within 72 hours. All reports will provide a rating for candidates’ suitability in relation to each competency that has previously been identified as essential. Our reports are written by our expert consultants rather than being computer-generated. Therefore, they have greater relevance to your business and provide greater personalisation.  

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