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Interview Optimisation

Job interviews are a staple of personnel selection, and we understand that they provide a level of insight that is not possible with less personal methods. However, research shows that the average interview (characterised by poor structure) is around 10 times less predictive of future job performance than interviews that are highly structured. Taking a conversational approach to merely 'get a feel' for candidates introduces a high level of personal bias, which causes inaccurate ratings.  


Structured interviewing avoids the unintentional adjustment of questioning, allowing for a deeper understanding of the interviewee, and for objective comparisons to be made between different applicants. Each candidate has an equal opportunity to prove they are right for the job. Unsurprisingly, this is much more legally defensible.


We offer structured interview schedules and rating scales that are tailored to your needs, with all questioning specifically designed to gain the strongest insight into the potential of your candidates based on the essential competencies required for success within the role.



What can Interview Optimisation do for your business?

Reduce bias: Tailored interview schedules reduce the role biases play in judgement by adhering to a strict, objective structure. This avoids tangents and ensures true insight.

Predict job performance: Unstructured interviews (attempting to merely get a feel for candidates) are one of the worst predictors of job performance. Structured interviewing is recognised as the joint best predictor of job performance alongside aptitude testing.

Easier comparison: Our tailored structured interviews allow for accurate, meaningful comparisons to be made between candidates.

How it works:

Our consultants will work with you to identify the essential competencies for the role in question, and we will give you the opportunity to highlight any specific information that you wish to assess with regards to the role or the culture of the organisation.

We then use this information to draw up an interview schedule and a corresponding rating scale. The length and content of the schedule can be adjusted at your request, and we can run through the questions with you in order to explain why each question is there and what it is assessing.

We will also provide you with consultation surrounding the latest research in interview techniques in order to ensure you are getting the most out of your new structured interview. There are a variety of strategies that can be used to eliminate as much bias as possible.

This can then be used during interviewing. In order to get the most value out of the interview schedule, we recommend sticking as closely to it as possible. You can use the interview schedule for other roles in the future, although we recommend further consultation if the competencies and requirements of another role differ substantially.

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