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Aptitude Testing

The research is clear, Aptitude Testing is the strongest predictor of job performance; more predictive than the standard job interview. All businesses should be seeking to take advantage of such highly predictive selection tools.


Aptitude tests measure a candidate's ability to problem solve and reason. They are predict job performance for all positions.


In fact, as job complexity increases, aptitude becomes the single most useful selection tool. The Harvard Business Review notes that 80% of employee turnover is due to poor hiring decisions - a problem well tackled by aptitude testing.


Our Aptitude Test of choice is Raven’s Matrices, a highly respected measure of intelligence. However, we also work with different forms of aptitude testing (including mathematical, verbal and spatial reasoning tests) to ensure that our clients are using the best tools available to them.





What can Aptitude Testing do for your business?

Higher job performance: Candidates high in cognitive ability go on to demonstrate superior job performance. Aptitude testing is much more predictive of job performance than previous experience of the role.  

Increased training success: The strongest predictor of whether an employee will transfer training to their job is aptitude. This is especially important because around 40% of employees immediately fail to apply any training.

Convenience: Online tests can be sent to candidates almost instantaneously, individually or by the hundred. Consequently, this ensures a level of efficiency not possible with other selection tools.

Return on investment: Research has indicated that the cost of hiring a poor performing candidate is around 3 times the cost of that individual's salary. Similarly, high-performing candidates have been found to produce on average 43% more revenue than average performing employees.

How it works:

Decide upon the appropriate tests after talking to our expert consultants – indicate how many tests you desire and the preferred dates of sending and completion. Then send us the candidates’ email addresses.

Assessments can be carried out online or in-house. The following represents the standard procedure for online assessment.

Email links are sent to candidates.

Candidates complete the assessment within the specified timeframe. They can do this at their convenience.

Our expert team analyses the results and produces bespoke reports for each candidate, alongside an overall report for the recruiter within 72 hours. Unlike many other consultancies, our reports are written by our consultants rather than being computer-generated, allowing for greater relevance to your business and a higher level of personalisation.  

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